If you are thinking about hurting yourself or others, please call 911 immediately or get to the nearest hospital.


Peel Children’s Centre Crisis Response: (416) 410-8615 (up to 18yrs old)
Peel Crisis Services: (905) 278-9036(over 18 yrs old)
Kid’s Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868


Are my feelings normal?

Everyone experiences different emotions at different times in their lives. Different people can experience the same event in different ways, with varying intensities. Emotions come and go on a daily basis and we usually are able to cope with the “ups” and “downs”. These “ups” and “downs” are normal.



Should I be worried?

When you get stuck in the “downs” and your emotions become overwhelming and painful, you may be looking for a way out. People who feel desperate to escape their pain and see no other solutions may begin to have thoughts about killing themselves. If you find yourself having these thoughts, this is something you should be talking to someone about immediately.

People who are having thoughts about suicide may also be experiencing:

  • Hopelessness
  • Loneliness and frustration
  • Any type of loss (loved one, relationship, pet)
  • Sadness and depression
  • Helplessness (feeling like nothing changes no matter what you do)
  • Isolation or lack of connection with others
  • Thoughts of ways to commit suicide
  • The world as a bad place
  • Worthlessness (feeling like you don’t matter) 


If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide and/or any one of the above warning signs, you may also be experiencing signs of depression and it is critical that you talk to someone you trust. Thoughts of suicide should be taken seriously and should be shared with your parent, doctor, school social worker, or teacher; these are people who may be able to help.


Suicide might seem like the only answer, but there are other ways to deal with your pain that you may not see. Remember that death is permanent, while your problems, as big as they seem, may be temporary and may have a solution that you haven’t thought of.

The first step is just to talk. If you feel like you can’t talk to someone in your life, you can call a 24 hr crisis line or ask someone to take you to the hospital emergency room.


Tips and Strategies for prevention and wellness

Although you might feel hopeless, your situation is not. Talking to someone may help you see that there are other ways to deal with your problems rather than suicide. Things might look different to you a few days or weeks from now, because situations and crises always change.

If you are having thoughts about hurting yourself, you should ask someone to help you develop a “safety plan”. This is a plan that may include people you can call or talk to (such as crisis lines), and strategies you can try to help you cope with your feelings and thoughts.  Remember that trying to cope by using alcohol or drugs is not a good solution to your problems. The most important thing is to talk about what is happening with someone you trust and to stay connected with people who care about you. You don’t have to go through this alone—it is okay to ask for help.



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